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Walker recall deadline ends

Janelle Vreeland

Scott Walker

Scott Walker recall has conservatives crying foul

Tuesday marked the deadline for the Scott Walker recall movement. Although liberals are cheering the effort to recall Governer Walker, conservative blogs have cried foul and accused the petition signatures as fraudulent.

Politico reports that the conservative Big Government blog said, “The petition process was riddled with fraud and tainted with questionable ethics at several points. Early in the process the Soros-funded One Wisconsin Now encouraged those opposed to Walker to sign recall petitions multiple times.”

“Even the Government Accountability Board’s announcement that it will use software to help catch duplicates, though a step in the right direction, doesn’t promise to catch every or even most of those kinds of errors,” the blog continued.

The group heading the Walker recall movement submitted approximately 1 million signatures on Tuesday, nearly double the required number. A date for the likely Walker recall election hasn’t been set but is expected to take place later this year.

Read more about the Walker recall movement here.

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