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Vincent Castiglia and John Borowski in “Bloodlines”

The blood painter gets his own documentary called “Bloodlines”

There was a point when Vincent Castiglia learned to trust his intuition as an artist, which is most evident with the use of his own blood as a medium. Now film director John Borowski, captures Castiglia’s life works with his new documentary “Bloodlines”.

“We have a lot of amazing material chronicling the creation of several paintings and interviews with a lot of different collectors of mine. ‘Bloodlines’ is going to be a really interesting mix.”

Castiglia spoke with College News detailing his latest paintings and tattoos. Our recap included an upcoming album cover that will be painted in a musicians own blood and a summary of the Gary Holt ESP signature guitar. But what truly amazed me about Vincent Castiglia is his deep empathy for the creative process and the intimacy involved in his collaborative works. “Bloodlines” is a documentary that reveals a captivating story of a modern American surrealist who has captured our imagination with his blood yielding compositions, making his works one of the most unique and modern art collections of all time.              

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College News: How is everything going with ESP and the Gary Holt blood guitar?

Vincent Castiglia: It’s all done man! Gary has had it for a minute now. He’s been on tour with Slayer. I believe ESP is in the middle of doing what they need to do to make a reproduction of it, because it will eventually be offered as a limited edition.

CN: I saw your recent tattoo featured in Inked Magazine, the Roman guard and Christ figure. How long did it take you to do that tattoo?

VC: That took me about 50 hours. The Christ portrait actually wasn’t me. That was the only tattoo he had on his back and it was there already. So I worked around it and worked it into the design.

CN: That tattoo had some amazing detail and I thought it was a good arrangement. What’s next for you?

VC: Well as mentioned last time, I do have this album cover. It’s going to be painted in my as well as the musician’s blood. It’s a big deal to me because I respect the person and I’m looking forward to it! I just finished up my portrait of John Borowski, the director who is working on a documentary called “Bloodlines” that is about my life and work. So this other painting will be next!

CN: Can you tell me a little more about the special editions you have on your website?

VC: I have limited editions available. What is brand new is a large format canvas limited edition of “The Sleep”. This is the first time I’m offering a reproduction and a limited addition reproduction at the same scale. So the print will be seven feet tall and its limited to only 12 pieces and that’s available on my website now.              

CN: What is your favorite piece?

VC: I think it would probably be “The Sleep” for many reasons. I do have that tattooed on my back also. It’s a powerful piece. It was extremely symbolic at the time when I painted it and it’s just as relevant today. I find that it’s a piece that a lot of people connect with.

CN: Who do you trust to do your tattoos?

VC: That was done by Tim Reid in Canada. Tim is an amazing tattoo artist and a great friend.        

CN: Vincent is there anything that you want your fans out there to know?

VC: Ive been working on this new body of work “Autopsy of the Soul”. I’m in the middle of it and that’s going to take a while still but it’s in progress. It will probably be showing somewhere in the middle of 2017. Also there is this documentary called “Bloodlines” by an award winning film maker named John Borowski that is being worked on right now. It will feature my life and my work. I don’t know if we got a chance to talk about it last time, but I’m definitely honored to be working with him on it. “Bloodlines” has been going on for a year and a half almost two years now. It’s been a while! We are just coming to a close and we have a lot of amazing material chronicling the creation of several paintings and interviews with a lot of different collectors of mine like Margret Cho, Gregg Allman, Kerry King, and Gary Holt. “Bloodlines” is going to be a really interesting mix.

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CN: When does “Bloodlines” come out and where can we see it?

VC: It’s probably coming out in the fall and if not the fall the following spring. It will either be fall or spring and most likely it’s going to be on Netflix. If “Bloodlines” gets on a bigger network great, but most likely this is going to Netflix.          

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