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Vape in style: Haze Vaporizers upgrades your vaping experience

Editorial Staff

The Haze Vaporizer, a sleek and innovative competitor in the superfluous vaping industry, rises far above the rest, offering unique features not found on any other vaporizer and packaged in a quality product that can’t be beat!

At first glance, the Haze offers a certain stylish flair other bulky and bland vapes don’t. The compact size makes it easy to carry anywhere, and the modern design allows you to remain discreet. Offered in several different colors, (midnight blue, graphite gray, orchid purple, absinthe green, and stealth black), the Haze Vape is customizable to suit both your style and vaping needs.

Once you get past the admirable aesthetics of the device, the functionality of the Haze Vape dazzles and amazes even further.

For starters, the Haze Vape is the only vaporizer on the market that has not one, but two chambers for loading options. Able to accommodate dried herbs, oils and concentrates, the dual loading option allows the user to choose two favorite vaping ingredients to load into the Haze at one time ­or just to double up on the amount of one ingredient. So, for example, if the user decides they want to vape dried herb and concentrates interchangeably, the Haze Vape makes it all too convenient.

And, with 4 heat settings, distinguished by LED indicators on the front, the Haze gets a perfect vape every time, no matter what you put in it. The 4 heat settings (365°F, 385°F, 395°F, and 420°F) have been enhanced to be compatible with all materials for smooth vaporizer. But, even when you crank up the heat on the Haze Vape, the silicone exterior keeps the outside cool and comfortable for handling.

With a warm­up time ranging from about 60­-90 seconds, you don’t have to wait long to get the perfect vape going. The Haze Vape also contains a patented heat­ exchange mechanism that allows for a cool vapor output, assuring the draw is never harsh.

The Haze Vape comes with 2 long-­lasting, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, which run about 35% longer than other competitors’ (about 3 hours), and a car-­charger is also available (sold separately), granting the freedom of true portability.

When you purchase your Haze Vape, included with the package comes your Haze Vape unit, a power­bank charger compatible for use with all USB devices, 2 batteries, 2 convection screens, 2 conduction screens, 2 “all-­purpose” cans (perfect for storing all materials for easy transport), a cleaning tool, a material tool and both a stainless steel mouthpiece and a glass mouthpiece (along with an instruction manual).

The interchangeable stainless steel and glass mouthpieces allow you to pick your preference, and regardless of whether you choose glass or metal, the mouthpiece slips comfortably into the Haze, ready to slide effortlessly out for use at the right moment. The cleaning tool gives you a helping hand on the maintenance and care of your Haze Vape, and since the Haze is designed with all removable parts, making it easy to access all areas that need to be cleaned, clean­up is quick and simple.

As a testament to the quality of this product, the Haze Vape comes backed by a 10 year warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about your vaporizer breaking or falling apart due to shoddy craftsmanship.

     If you find yourself uncontrollably drawn to this intriguing item, or if you are just looking for the best way to upgrade your vaping experience, you can visit to find more information, reviews, informative company updates, accessories and, of course, the Haze Vaporizer.

Don’t settle for anything less – get your Haze Vaporizer today!

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