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University of Dreams

Janelle Vreeland

A closer look at the internship organization

It may sound unrealistic, but the University of Dreams offers guaranteed internships. With a 99 percent placement, the organization prides itself on giving students the opportunity to get work experience in the field of their choice.

All your food, housing and transportation will be covered!

Eric Normington, vice president of the University of Dreams organization, says that “Each student benefits from completing an internship in their field of study, without having to worry about the logistics of coordinating this production on your own, as we provide housing, group activities on the weekends, meals, transportation, and on-site staff.”

  • Pick one of 11 premier locations from NYC to London to Hong Kong
  • 3,500 available internships
  • Must have a GPA> 2.5
  • Average internship lasts two months

While there is a cost associated with the program, the fees cover everything from meals to career seminars to housing.

Dream jobs live here

One intern is now the production manager of the fashion line company where she interned in the University of Dreams program.

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