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Peace Corps ranks high on ideal place to work

Janelle Vreeland

Peace Corps ranks number seven on survey of college undergrads for ideal employers

The Examiner came out with an article about how the Peace Corps ranked as one of the top ideal employers for college students in a survey of almost 100,000 undergraduate students.

This is perhaps a sign of the times, with the current economic trend the way it is and students having trouble getting jobs.

The Peace Corps was ranked number seven as the most ideal employer to help undergrads reach their career goals. The survey was done by Universum Communications.

Universum provides consulting and research for employers.

Almost 100,000 undergrads and 6,000 masters students participated in the survey, The Examiner reported. The results represented hundreds of universities, and the study called it “substance over style trend,” the article said.

It’s so interesting because so many students nowadays are forgoing full-time nine-to-five jobs in favor of jobs like the Peace Corps and Teach for America, as College News previously reported.

This survey now is a direct result of how things are due to the economic recession.

According to The Examiner, the Peace Corps appeals to students whose goals include “wanting to contribute to society, maintain a career and life balance and pursue higher education.”

Although the Peace Corps is an ideal employer for undergrads, many volunteers do their service in difficult conditions, the article said. They do, however, learn great leadership skills and have experiences that may help them better determine what kind of career they’d like to pursue. Many go into education, health and government careers.

Basically, all those great teachers, doctors and politicians you’ve grown to love could be former Peace Corps volunteers.

The organization is very competitive and they’re always looking for new candidates, the article said. Right now, they really want people with agriculture, environment and education experience and proficiency in certain languages. They ask for a 27-month commitment.

Also, here’s the top five from the survey, just in case you were interested.

1. Google

2. Walt Disney

3. Apple Computer

4. U.S. Department of State

5. FBI

For those of you with wanderlust, this could be the time to fulfill it. 

While the Peace Corps is a huge commitment and responsibility, it seems like a great thing to try.  If you’re curious about career paths, I’d recommend at least looking into the Peace Corps. Make sure you have the necessary experience though, and, like anything you apply for, make sure everything you turn in is meticulously done.

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