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Troops set to come home by end of year

Jalesa Hall

President Barack Obama

President Obama promises to bring the troops home by December 31st

President Barack Obama announced on Friday that almost all of the U.S. troops will be home by the end of this year. He says, “After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” and promises homecomings for the holidays.

One hundred and fifty of the 39,000 troops stationed in Iraq will stay to assist in arms sales. Making good on his presidential campaign promise, Obama is ending a war that has cost over $700 billion and claimed more than 4,400 American lives.

Though negotiations are still in process, the relationship between America and Iraq is moving in a positive direction, as Obama describes it as “strong and enduring.”

The sudden pull out of the troops will not end America’s presence in Iraq, and according to the State Department, people such as diplomats, law enforcement officers and contractors will remain in Iraq into 2012. 

Mark Toner, State Department spokesperson, says, “We continue to talk about the post-December 31 arrangement (and) security relationship. “Toner assures the public that there should be no change in Friday’s decision when he said,” At the same time, we are very committed to meeting the December 31 deadline.”

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