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Top 10 Ways to Beat Spring Fever and Stay in Class

Spring in on the Way: Keep Grades Great!

It’s only February but already there are signs of college Spring Fever everywhere. It’s starting to get lighter; some of the trees are starting to look more cheerful. The first small little bulbs are peaking out of the melting snow. It takes mammoth amounts of WILL Power to stay in class and study once it warms up. Here are 10 tips to beat Spring Fever in college.

1. Ignore Spring as long as possible. Stock up on hot chocolate and turn down the heat. Study under the covers of a really cool college bedding and stay cocooned in bliss. Ignore it entirely.

2. Live a little! Run around like a banshee outside at least once a day enjoying the sunshine and the new warmer weather. Set the cell phone for 1 hour of fun and then go back to work.

3. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Nothing makes staying in class look like such a good idea.

4. Hire a Budget Rent a Car and take a quick spring break somewhere south. This one proves motivating for some and counter-productive for others. Driving back IS part of the equation.

5. Put on a bathing suit in front of a really big mirror. Makes studying absolutely preferable to anything that might include wearing less clothing.

6. Move you deadlines forward and finish those papers now while it is still cold. Once all the work is done you can relax and enjoy spring. Huge hint: Don’t turn papers in early. No need to give the professor extra time to find fault with what you have written and give you a chance to improve on it.

7. No caffeine, cold turkey. Cuts the wonderful right out of Spring- and everything else.

8. Join a Zumba class. Many cute girls to impress and it’s indoors.

9. Open the windows and air out your dorm room at least once a week. It improves the air somehow and makes it easier to focus.

10. Give in to pass/no pass. Just sign up in time!

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