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Todd Palin endorses Newt Gingrich

Janelle Vreeland

Todd Palin

Todd Palin: “He’s a snowmobile driver,” says voter

Todd Palin became a relatively hot topic Monday when word broke that he had endorsed presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich.

“I got a very nice phone call from Todd Palin,” said Gingrich. “Sarah’s husband, and he indicated that he was endorsing me today.”

Gingrich went on to tweet about the endorsement, saying, “Honored to be endorsed by Todd Palin. President Obama has failed. We need a Bold Reagan Conservative in the WH.”

Although Gingrich seems to view Palin’s endorsement as a positive, others don’t see the significance. Dave Weigel reported for Slate that, after hearing the announcement, one New Hampshire voter, Mike Duffy, commented, “I don’t know why it would matter to anybody. He’s a snowmobile driver. Is some candidate going to come up here and announce that an extreme snowboarder just endorsed him?”

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