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Tips for College Success

We all know how hard college can be sometimes; studying, midterms, papers, projects, and finals. Sometimes all the classes you take seem to all have the same due dates and it can be extremely stressful. Some of you have jobs, one or even two that you have to think about as well. It can feel like life is piling up and school can sometimes be put on the back burner, and no one truly wants that.

There are tips that can help make life easier and your life in college successful, which will lead to even greater success after your graduation.

  1. Use a Planner

Planners will make your life ten times easier. As soon as you get your syllabus from your professor write down all of the tests dates and when papers or projects are due. That way you have all the due dates from day one. Also, make sure to write down all of your homework, even if you think you will remember, you never know what will come up so having a reminder helps. You can also put down the dates and times you work, that way you can plan ahead for time to study.

  1. Make a Friend in Every Class

We all have a sick day or a day when you sleep through your alarm and miss class. Missing class is never good, so if you make a friend they can fill you in on any material that was missed and even share their notes. Having friends in the same class can also make studying and those dreaded group projects much easier.

  1. Go to Office Hours

The professor has office hours to help you. It is a privilege that should be taken advantage of. Talking to your professor will not only help you with your work you do in that class but also allow the professor to get one on one time with you and get to know you. They can help you with other things then just your final paper. If you have a professor who is an expert in Shakespeare, and that’s what you want to emphasize in, then you have a great resource right there, take advantage of it.

  1. Don’t Skip Class

Thinking you don’t need to go to class is a myth. You will always miss something important and usually the professor will notice when you are not there. If you don’t go to class the professor will be less likely to help you if it is needed. You’re there to learn, take advantage of it.

  1. Use Resources

Your University has many resources that you should use. There are computer labs, tutors, a library, and your bookstore that has plenty of books and study devices like Sparknotes charts to help you study. Use these!

  1. Make Friends with Students who have the same Major

This is very important and something that can help you over all of the years you attend college. As you get further into your college career, you will notice that your classes will get smaller and you will see more and more familiar faces. Making friends with people who have your same major will help you feel more comfortable in your classes. If you already know a couple people in a new class it already takes pressure off of you on the first day.

These simple tips will help you with college and ensure that you will have a better chance at success. College is a time to grow and learn. These tips will not only help with success in college but success afterward when you go into your career.

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