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Time Warner Cable affiliates with Pinterest

Elif Geris

Time Warner Cable gives its customers the option to share

Time Warner Cable gives its customers the option to share

Time Warner Cable is now affiliated with Pinterest so customers can share their choice shows and movies with fellow Pinterest users.

The different selections of boards Time Warner Cable offers through the online shopping medium include movies, shows, sports, music, technology and Spanish TV pins.

According to The Inquistr, so far, Time Warner Cable has 70 followers via Pinterest, and it follows 68 of them.

Jeffrey Hirsch, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Time Warner Cable’s Residential Services said, “Connecting with our customers through social media is a great way to do just that, and we are very excited be a part of such a fun, new social media platform. We look forward to hearing from customers as they explore our new page.”

The media company has more than 15 million users. Time Warner Cable is one of the biggest providers of video and high-speed data among other qualities the company homes.

In the meantime, Time Warner Cable is joining Level 3 Communications, while keeping its channels to itself and away from Google Fiber TV, while also keeping its eyes on Google Fiber TV’s methods.

According to WebProNews, Time Warner Cable posted requests for people to spy on Google Fiber for network information.

But the expansion into Level 3 Communications was made in hopes of connecting with more users and to improve its network. Time Warner Cable’s affiliation with Level 3 Communications will give the company access to more IP addresses.  

Mike LaJoie, executive vice president and CTO for Time Warner Cable said, “The strength of our Network is at the center of all the services we provide our more than 15 million customers and we continue to expand the reach and capacity, as well as improve the reliability of that network to best serve our customers today and in the future.”

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