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This isn't the first time Pat Sajak has attacked "global warming alarmists"

Kidman Williams

Other tweets have highlighted the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host’s opinion

Pat Sajak found himself trending over a Twitter post that he wrote on May 19th, slamming the idea of global warming and the issues that it presents for our planets’ future.  Sajak’s Twitter page is really just a long list of self-indulgent dribble, dashed with bad jokes that never helped his career in the first place.  Did you ever watch his talk show?  Nobody else did either.

                  Sajak’s tweet reads:

                  This wasn’t the first time the Wheel of Fortune host went bankrupt on a tweet, it was just the first time anybody caught it; after-all who really cares what a gameshow host thinks about; unless you are Alex Trebek.  Here are some of his other questionable Twitter publishings.



                  Global warming has been quite a hot button topic in recent years, sparking heated arguments between political parties, scientists and activists.  The last time I checked, Pat Sajak was not any of these things.  The last time I checked (a few minutes ago) he was a successful game show host and failed comedian/talkshow host, oh, and he flies helicopters.  These are things however, that do not qualify him as an expert in our global climate changes.

                  Social media gives everybody the ability to be heard.  It gives everybody with computer access a voice, but much like gun owning that voice should be used responsibly.  Remember, there was a time (not too long ago) when people thought cigarettes were good for you and Opium was a cure all.


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