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Anna Chapman: "New breed" of spy

Janelle Vreeland

Anna Chapman mugshot

Anna Chapman is best known as the sexy spy

Anna Chapman, the sexy spy, and her cohorts represented a “new breed” of spy, FBI officials say.

The AP reports that Chapman was technically skilled and comfortable working in Western culture. Chapman and fellow spy Mikhail Semenko represented this new breed of spy in their spy ring, using state-of-the-art wireless computer communications, while the older members used traditional methods, such as invisible ink, handoffs of money called “brush passes” and forged documents. What’s more, these new breed spies use their real names, not false identities like their older colleagues.

 According to FBI officials, the Russians were experimenting in methods and strategies for espionage.

Following their release, 10 of the members of the spy ring were awarded with Russia’s highest honors. Chapman has kept the highest profile since returning, becoming a model, corporate spokeswoman and TV personality.

Read more about Anna Chapman and the other members of the Russian spy ring here.

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