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Fresh Off the Boat, Episode 10 Recap: Blind Spot

Ellen Zacarias

Fresh Off the Boat

Jessica’s Broken Gaydar and Louis’s Nonexistent Love-dar

In Fresh Off the Boat Episode 10, “Blind Spot”, the show continues to lean towards playing on the fun dynamic between Jessica (Constance Wu) and Louis (Randall Park). This is a good direction for Fresh Off the Boat since Eddie’s parents’ relationship is one of the strengths of the show.

We also see a new (and evil) side to Eddie’s adorable little brothers when a case of chicken pox prior to the science fair competition leads to sabotage.

Jessica’s Broken Gaydar and Louis’s Broken Love-dar

Oscar Chow, Jessica Huang’s ex-boyfriend from college comes to Orlando to visit the Huang family. The fact that Louis isn’t stewing in jealousy causes Jessica’s friends to remark on how “lucky” she is. Jessica starts trying to make Louis jealous, but it doesn’t work because Louis knows that Oscar is gay.

Things get even weirder as we discover that Oscar thought that he was dating Louis. Jessica’s “gaydar” (knowing when someone’s gay) is broken while Louis’s “lovedar” (knowing when someone is attracted to him) is…well, nonexistent.

Game of Sabotage

Meanwhile, Eddie’s little brothers are excited about the science fair. Being overachievers goaded into competition by their mother, Emery and Evan show off their science projects to Eddie, who admits he hasn’t even started on his. However, Evan soon comes down with a case of chicken pox and as a result, aims to sabotage Emery, his competition, by infecting him with chicken pox as well. Incoming: series of horror movie references as Evan appears in the bathroom reflection behind Emery.

The ending to the science fair is sweet and while the brothers still come across as somewhat caricature-like, I’m glad Fresh Off the Boat is using them more. Emery and Evan’s desires to win brought out a mean (but still adorable) competitive streak that I didn’t know existed, especially for little Evan.

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