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The Bitch Face: A worldwide epidemic

Editorial Staff

It's not just a celebrity thing- the author herself suffers from Bitch Face, as seen in bottom right photo

Celebrities have long been known for their Bitch Faces, but a new PSA lets women know just how widespread the issue goes

Everyone knows you look prettier when you smile—your face lights up, your eyes twinkle and you emit some of that inner sparkle you possess. However, you also look like a whack job (the kind of person that people try to avoid eye contact with lest you decide in your insane fervor that you’re their new BFF) if you walk around like that all day.

Enter the Bitch Face. You’ve all seen the Bitch Face. That girl (or guy—I’m looking at you, Kanye West) that looks sullen and morose and unapproachable. Hell, you wouldn’t even try. At the very least, it appears that you’d receive a verbal lashing, or even a mean right hook. Now, here’s the problem: Is the Bitch Face intentional or not? Victoria Beckham has cultivated a career out of her Bitch Face. In fact, up until last weekend (when her husband, David Beckham, shattered the illusion by posting a picture of her smiling) I don’t believe there had been any photographic proof that the woman could move her facial muscles.

Kristen Stewart is another one known for her Bitch Face. Regardless of where she is, she constantly looks like she’s in a state of fury (to be fair though, Kristen Stewart is often too stoned to be aware of what’s happening around her, let alone worry about her appearance). Naomi Campbell is another celebrity notorious for her Bitch Face (the only time she smiles is when she beats helpless employees with a Blackberry or when militant dictators are presenting her with blood diamonds).

Even more worrisome, it seems that a vast majority of women (celebrity or not) suffer from Bitch Face. Most don’t even realize it until someone approaches them and asks why they’re so upset. Internally, there is nothing wrong. They’re waltzing along and enjoying the day, but their Bitch Face tells a different story.  According to a PSA posted by Taylor Orci on Funny or Die, Bitch Face is completely unintentional and everyone should accept and embrace the Bitch Face.

Whether intentional or not, the Bitch Face is here to stay. If you suffer from Bitch Face, check out the PSA below to learn how to cope.

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