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The 5 People You Will Meet at Music Festivals

Michael O'Neill

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Anyone who has been to a music festival can recognize these characters

More and more music festivals pop up around the country every year. From Coachella to Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza, a music-lover has a lot to choose from. Among all of the choices, there is one thing that you can be certain of: at some point you will run into the same type of person at every festival. Here are five of the most common people you will come across.

The Veteran

This guy could be anywhere from 45 to 75 years old. He might have been at the original Woodstock in 1969. He knows virtually every band playing, even the new ones you’ve never heard of. He catches every festival he can and never tires.

The Traveling Gypsy Family

Who brings their kid to a music festival? The traveling gypsy family does. They may or may not be covered from head to toe in tie-dye. At least one member of the family has butt-length dreadlocks. Clothes are optional for this family and they brought their van with them. They are true festival-lovers to their core.

The Sketchy Guy

He showed up by himself and does nothing but wander. He pops in and out of conversations and jumps from group to group. He’s hard to keep track of but is seemingly always around. Is he a bad guy? A good guy? No one’s sure. He’s wearing what appears to be capris and an oversized shirt proclaiming his support for marijuana. He starts every conversation with “Hey, man.” He’s always trying to sell stuff (bracelets, drugs, free passes), whether it’s legal or not.

The Girl Who Tries Too Hard

This girl is probably not old enough to drink beer, but always has one in her hand. She has a bandana around her head, maybe a flower or two in her hair. She dances too much – even to songs that shouldn’t involve dancing. She says she’s only here for the small bands, not the headliners, then proceeds to name bands that aren’t even on the bill. Be on the lookout for the girl with self-painted designs on her arms and cheek taking selfies during every chorus.

The Bro

The Bro usually only travels in packs of eight or nine. He’s only here for the Dave Matthews vibe. He hasn’t put on a shirt since he walked in the gate. Sunglasses? Check. Colorful backwards hat? Check. Cargo shorts and calf muscles? Double Check. The Bro is here to show off his tan and pump his fist in the air. The Bro is usually paired with the Girl Who Tries Too Hard. He’s ready to shout during the show and annoy everyone around him. He’s filled with stories that are obviously false and is somehow never victim to sunburn or dehydration.

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