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“The Lorax” plot offends the Right, actor embarrasses himself

Kara Menini

The Lorax wrinkles pages

Lou Dobbs accuses movie of indoctrinating America’s children

“The Lorax”, a favored Dr. Seuss book, has been adapted into movie form and set to hit theaters next month but is already stirring up controversy. Lou Dobbs has gone on record claiming that “The Lorax” is indoctrinating America’s children the liberal agenda of Occupy Wall Street and President Obama. Zac Efron, who plays a 12-year-old boy in “The Lorax”, accidentally dropped a condom on the red carpet at a premiere in California this week.

“The Lorax” is about a short, grumpy, orange-furred creature named the Lorax, played by Danny DeVito, who “speaks for the trees, because the trees have no tongue.” The main message that children pick up on is the message of greed and how too much of it can hurt others. However, “The Lorax” has long been recognized by adults as a response to industrialized society and the destruction it does to nature. Having been published in 1971, it does seem unusual that it be compared to any modern day politics.  Lou Dobbs, on Fox News, claimed that “The Lorax” was made, “plainly with an agenda, plainly demonizing the so-called 1%,” and pushes Obama’s belief “that everyone should pay their fair share.”  According to reports, the movie didn’t change its plotline from the book, which hasn’t changed its plotline since its first publication.

In California this past week, Zac Efron walked the red carpet for “The Lorax” premiere with co-stars Danny DeVito and Taylor Swift, but what fell out of Efrons pocket has blown up on Youtube.  Apparently asking his publicist to hold something, Efron’s hand gets stuck in his pocket and when he pulls it out, drops a condom on the ground.  Visibly embarrassed, Zac Efron quickly picks it up, puts on his sunglasses and holds his fist in front of his mouth and tries to hide either his embarrassment or his laughter.  Efron’s accidental condom drop has caused speculations as to whether or not there is a woman in his life.  He was recently linked to co-star Taylor Swift who squashed the rumor on “The Ellen Show”, “Oh my god, as we were recording our voiceovers on separate coasts we really connected,” she joked on Tuesday.

“The Lorax” is scheduled to hit theaters on March 2.

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