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The Highs, The Lows: How Everyday Can Be A Learning Experience

I’ve hit a new height.  My first article submitted as a contributing writer to Elite Daily has received way more recognition than I have ever received….like EVER! Lol.  At first, the human response to think that there must be some sort of glitch actually happened.  I called my cousin who lives in Houston and my cousin who lives in Charlotte to make sure it wasn’t just us here in New York who could see what I was seeing. This came at a really weird time for me because I am still processing all that I have been doing in my efforts to get out of here and move to LA. 

The beginning of last week was the half mark for 2015.  The nerves began to set in.  When you are working so hard every single day, you don’t get a lot of chances to stop and look back at the trail you are leaving.  On Friday, one of the other sites I contribute for upgraded my account from basic to pro.  I will now earn three times as much for my content than I had before. 

 The fact that people even spend time to read my words is humbling because lets face it, you could be reading someone else.  As a creative we do not take any form of support for granted because it is rare.  It is even rarer when you get support from strangers before you get support from those that SEE your struggle.

You will always remember the names of your first 100 fans and followers.  You might not remember the 300th.  Many celebrities make a statement to the fans that supported them before they became the trend because these individuals remember when they only had a few 100.  It is one thing to show support initially and another to show it when it has already gained momentum.  This is something everyone faces when they are working on their dreams.  You will be noticed by the ones who are close to you but you will not find their support.  It will re-emerge when they realize, hey everyone is pretty into this, but at that point, they will be in your 300th. I deal with this issue in several ways.

I never do anything for popularity.  It is just not what I’m into at all.  I have been this way for a pretty long time for example I was the captain of the Cheering Squad in High School and yet I was not trying to be considered a “cool kid”.  It could have been that I grew up watching too many teen queen movies and shows but it always looked like a lot of pressure.  I wouldn’t say that I totally wanted to be ignored either, I just never felt getting admiration solely from my peers was that much of a priority to me.  I felt I was always more mature than they were anyway. 

You should never try to be popular or to be liked.  It is like setting yourself up to be the brunt of the joke for your whole life.  We cannot control anyone but ourselves therefore we are not in control of the people who gravitate towards us or away from us.  I am and will always be my biggest fan.  When I received an A on my thesis paper from Graduate school I told no one at first.  I just let it sink in.  Like damn girl, you’re better than what you assumed.  I’m sure that would not have been the reaction of many.  Most run to their public forum (Facebook) to disclaim whatever accomplishment they have.  And there is nothing wrong with that but it should never be the only admiration you seek.  Keep some of it for yourself.

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