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The 10 Beauty Must-Haves That Every Girl Needs

Jaicel Asegurado

Here are make-up essentials

Achieve the no-make-up look every day with these essentials on your make-up bag

First things first, make-up is not something you should be afraid to try. Us, girls, should loosen up and learn to enhance our natural beauty at all times. We listed the 10 things that your makeup bag should have if you are a kind of girl that doesn’t like to put way too many products on their face and would like to maintain the no-make-up look every day.

1.    Moisturizer

Make sure to apply moisturizer before putting any makeup on your face. It will keep your face hydrated all day. If you have an acne-prone skin (like mine), I would recommend using Proactiv products because it will make your skin happy. I personally wrote a post about my experience using it months ago. You can read it here.

You can try: Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer

2.    Concealer

Sometimes we just need to hide some things on your face, okay? It’s totally normal. And a little concealer won’t harm you. It is totally a must-have! Pro-tip: When choosing a concealer, always choose a shade darker than your skin tone so it will not look like you have white spots all over your face especially in a night out with friends and they randomly take photos of you with flash – true story. A shade darker than your skin tone will blend well if you apply a liquid foundation and powder afterwards.

You can try: NYX HD Concealer

3.    BB Cream

This is optional but I recommend buying one especially if it has SPF because it can protect your face from exposure under the sun.  You can use liquid foundation as well, both are perfectly okay.

You can try: Proactiv BB Cream

4.    Blush

Hooray! Blush works wonders. Don’t ever miss to pat small amount on your cheeks before going out. It will give life to your face and it gives you the glow that you need.

You can try: Elf Liquid Blush

5.    Mascara

FAVORITE. THING. EVER. You can seriously have a bare face and just put mascara and you’re good to go. #Obsessed is an understatement and everybody is into it right now. It makes everything better.

You can try: Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara (which is by the way the best) and Rimmel Scandal Eyes. They are both gorg but Maybelline is more convenient because it includes a small brush for lower lash which is amazing.

6.    Eyebrow Pencil and Brush

“Learn to groom your brows”

That is one of the most important things I learned this year and cliché may it sound, the statement is true. Know what type of brows fits the shape of your face and always make sure it’s on fleek.

You can try: NYX Brow Pencil in the shade of Dark Brow

7.    Liquid Eyeliner

This is not exactly an essential but it comes very handy at times. Winged eyeliner can never go wrong. You can use the normal liquid eyeliner or you can use the pen one, both is okay. Choose what’s easier for you.

You can try: Covergirl Liquid Eyeliner & NYX eyeliner pen

8.    Lipstick, lip balm, lip tint or any lip product

If you are like me who’s not comfortable having lipstick on, you can use a lip tint or lip gloss. Lip balm will be your new best friend. You can consider this an essential because there are just days when you feel like you need a little bit of color and lip tints are always useful.

You can try: EOS Mint Vanilla

9.    Powder

Pretty much very basic. Every girl should at least have this on their makeup bag because it makes your skin looks fresh and shine-free. Always make sure you have this on your purse every now and then.

You can try: Maybelline FIT ME! Shade 120

10.Eyelash Curler

Appreciate the amazing-ness of eyelash curlers as early as now. PLEASE. Applying mascara has never been this easy. It will also make your eyes look bigger. REMEMBER: EYES IS EVERYTHING.

Let us know if there are things that we are missing out and what you think should be included in this list. Again, if you are not comfortable wearing makeup, it is totally okay and normal. I feel you. No one should put pressure on you on doing things you do not like *wink*. And even if you like putting makeup, you should not feel ashamed about it and think you are less beautiful than you are now. In the end of the day, the most confident you are with yourself, the more it shows outside. Do more of what makes you happy. So keep doing you.

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