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Chief Keef has a hacked twitter?

Jill Treacy

Chief Keef is being investigated in fellow rapper Lil Jojo's murder.

Rapper Chief Keef is being investigated for harsh twitter counts.


Chief Keef, Chicago-native rapper, is being investigated by Chicago police for possible involvement in the murder of young rapper Lil Jojo. Lil Jojo, 18-year-old Chicago native, was gunned down Tuesday in Englewood, a south side neighborhood of Chicago. In wake of the unfortunate event, Chief Keef tweeted an incriminating comment that he later claimed was due to a hacker, yet Chicago police are still investigating his involvement in the case. 

Bad blood between Chief Keef and Lil Jojo, whose real name is Joseph Coleman, erupted when Lil Jojo and one of Chief Keef’s associates exchanged harsh words. Lil Jojo also released a song that criticized Keef, his associate and the 300 squad. Jojo was riding his bike with a friend Tuesday when a car pulled up and shot him six or seven times. 

Keef later tweeted, “It’s sad cus…Jojo wanted to be just like us #LMAO.” Within a short amount of time, the tweet drew a heavy amount of negative attention, to which Keef responded that his Twitter account had been hacked. Keef’s manager told the Chicago Sun Times to remember that Chief Keef is still only a “kid” and “kids make mistakes,” although he also doesn’t believe the tweet was a personal attack on Jojo. 

Jojo’s mother told the Sun Times, “I want justice for my son. It’s a stupid and senseless killing. It wasn’t a gang thing, it was a rap thing. My son was going to get a rap deal like some of them have and they were jealous.” 

Chief Keef is also blaming the supposed hacker of his Twitter account on a provocative comment to Lupe Fiasco. Keef and/or his hacker tweeted, “My Twitter has been hacked. I think I’m making a new one dumb ass hating people.” 

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