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Ten-month-old Lisa Irwin missing in Kansas City, MO

Jalesa Hall

An amber alert has been put out for Lisa Irwin, who went missing from her crib late Monday night

An intense search has begun for the 10-month-old infant Lisa Irwin after she was discovered missing from her crib late Monday night, according to the Huffington Post. The infant was put to bed at 10:30 p.m. and was then discovered missing around 4 a.m. by her father.

An amber alert has been issued for the suburban Kansas City neighborhood and forest areas. At the moment, the police have no suspects or witnesses and are urging people with information to come forward.

The alleged source of entry into the Irwin house is Lisa’s window, which looks like it might have been tampered with.

Lisa has blue eyes and blond hair. She weighs between 26 to 30 pounds. She was last seen wearing a purple shirt and purple shorts with white kittens on it. The parents have reported that she has a slight cough.

The sergeant at the Kansas City Police department feels that this Amber Alert case is at a higher alert because, unlike some amber alerts, both parents are present.

Call the TIPS hotline with information: 816-474-8477.

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