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Students Get Ready to "Go Commando" with New Mobile App

Adrianna Velazquez

A new mobile app lets students earn money without actually having to get a job.

If you’re anything like me, you understand the importance of networking and being involved on campus and in your community in addition to a full course load of academics.

With that said, juggling a job on top of schoolwork, campus activities and community events seems nearly impossible, particularly because employers aren’t as flexible as our generation’s hectic schedules demand.

Have no fear, Go Commando is almost here.

Go Commando, a mobile application developed by CEO/Founder Adam Grant, 28 of Northville, Michigan, Senior Director of Operations, Mickey Katz, 30 of Ocean Township, New Jersey and designed by Tiffany Platt, 25 of Birch Run, Michigan is taking new age marketing to a whole new level by allowing students to earn money without actually having to get a job.

“They are managing a heavy course load, a social life, and they are fitting experience building opportunities for themselves with Campus Commandos. It only made sense for us to refer to our app as Go Commando because our Commandos are always on the go,” said Katz. “We realize the message that Go Commando sends, and we like the double meaning. It raises eyebrows and we’re okay with that.”

Go Commando allows students to work and gain experience, adding big name brands to their resume while earning income to help with the unfortunate situation of student debt.

“It’s no longer enough right now to simply get good grades,” said Grant. “It doesn’t interfere with school because students can work and accept tasks on their own time.”

Getting involved is simple, and probably the most rewarding thing students can do. Students simply download the application and enter their email, then wait for companies like L’Oreal or HP to post a task.

“The app immediately allows companies to reach college students for simple on-campus marketing tasks,” said Grant.

Students are alerted when tasks become available and can accept tasks on a first come, first serve basis. When students choose to accept a task they are required to document their work using the photo and/or video feature or other features built-in to the app such as GPS check-in or surveys.

“Students will have the option to accept a task at an hourly rate or the full task itself,” said Katz.

The application also features a chat option that allows brands to directly communicate with students.

Shortly after the completed task is reviewed by the brand, students get paid.

“Once the completed task is approved by the brand, they pay students within 24-48 hours to their account,” said Grant.

According to Grant, the application is a win-win for both brands and students. Companies who utilize the app benefit because it allows them to immediately connect with students and send them out on marketing tasks and gather information from students that they would otherwise obtain from third parties.

“You’re a student, you already know the answer and these brands can get that answer and pay you for it,” said Grant.

On the other hand, students are able to earn income by taking on tasks that fit their schedules and also gain hands-on experience they can add to their resume.

Although the app is not yet available for download, students can visit and enter their email to be alerted when the app becomes available for download in September. Go Commando will be available for iPhone and Android devices.

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