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Sony Limits PS4 Remasters: "We Shouldn't Rehash Last Gen"

Sony is beginning to limit the number of remasters seen on PS4.

The Last of Us Remastered is a beautifully done game. The original was also very well done, but seeing it updated for the latest console was an experience–but one that Sony is not encouraging among developers.

Jim Ryan told CVG that while rereleasing popular games on the newest tech is a great idea on paper, the practice isn’t something Sony wants to become a regular thing. Ryans states that Sony wants to avoid making the new generation a rehash.

“I think the balance is just about right but you know, there are other games that could be looked at, but there’ll come a point where next gen will have moved on and rehashing old gen will have passed its sell-by date.”

What do you think? Which popular oldies would you love to see remastered for the latest generation, if any?

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