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Snoop Lion more peaceful than Snoop Dogg

Jill Treacy

Snoop Lion changes persona and endorses Obama.

The hip-hop turned reggae artist Snoop Lion voices new lifestyle and support for Obama


Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, has taken to a life of peace, love and Obama. The newly-Rastafarian announced in July that his former self had been “buried” and reborn as Snoop Lion. Also, he’s done talking about guns and drugs.

Snoop Lion, the hip-hop turned reggae artist, recently returned from a trip to Jamaica where he, editor Andy Cappers and a film crew filmed his journey exploring the Caribbean island and recording a reggae album, reported the Los Angeles Times. The film, titled Reincarnated, debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

But he most recently made news for publicly and vehemently endorsing Obama for re-election at the Toronto Film Festival.

“Let me begin,” Snoop Lion began. “Obama for four more years, man. Bush f****d up for eight years, so, I mean, you gotta at least give [Obama] eight years. He cleaned half the s**t up in four years, realistically. It ain’t like y’all gave him a clean house. Y’all gave him a house where the TV didn’t work, the toilet was stuffed up—everything was wrong with the house.”

Snoop Lion went on to commend Obama for killing Osama Bin Laden and asking the public not to forget what Obama has done for the country.

“So he had to come in and get your thing together, then knocked down the most hated, the most wanted, the one who had our terror on orange or red or whatever color it was on—he went and found him…Now everybody is peaceful and able to move and go and have a good time—it’s because he made that happen. So please don’t forget that…” he said.

This is the second endorsement from a major rap star, the other a silly quip about Mitt Romney from Nicki Minaj.

The transition from thug-gangsta-gun-toting Snoop Dogg to sensitive and heartfelt Snoop Lion is going to take some getting used to. But it seems to have Snoop thinking about his lifestyle and his surroundings as he turns 40.

It’s sufficient to say that fans and critics are eagerly anticipating Snoop Lion’s upcoming album, also named “Reincarnation” with his first reggae single “La La La.”

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