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Smartphone vs Frostbite: One of the Most Common (and annoying) Dilemmas of Winter

Winter break is approaching and, for many of you, that means it’s time to hit the slopes. If you’ve gone riding before, you’re probably used to the sight of people holding up their smartphone cameras, gloves loosely hanging from their pockets, and hands redder than a stop sign. Hi frostbite. It’s no question that people love taking pictures on the mountain, especially when they’re riding up the lifts. Even people who hate taking pictures will gladly take one if they’re on top of a mountain. Unfortunately, we need our fingertips to use our touchscreen phones. And that means, taking off our gloves. Going skiing is fun; exposing your hands to the freezing air every time you use the phone is not. What’s worse is if you drop your gloves off the ski lift. You’re forced to ride all the way down the hill with your hands wrapped around your jacket cuffs, go off-track to follow the path of the lift, and have people yell stupid things at you as they pass by. When you finally find it and put it back on, it’s filled with snow that will never really melt and, instead, form into a patch of ice that sits against your wrist for the rest of the day. And if you’re like me and enjoy listening to music while you ride, you probably know how annoying it is to have to take your gloves off just to change a song or adjust the volume. iPods and smartwatches are great, but everytime I’m forced to stop and take my gloves off, it seriously makes me miss the mp3 players from the good old days.

With Nanotips, you can leave your gloves on.

No, it’s not another smartphone glove. Nanotips is a liquid solution that turns any of your ordinary gloves into smartphone gloves. And the best part is it takes only 3 minutes to do. It’s a quick-drying liquid that is placed directly onto the fingertips of any glove. It’s similar to applying nail polish. It’s waterproof, and has been tested to last in any situation. The formula is so responsive, you can even turn an ordinary ballpoint pen into a stylus for your tablet. For a few years now, big brands have attempted to solve this problem of gloves and smartphones by selling specially made smartphone gloves. They’re able to react with touchscreen devices, but they never really caught on with people because none of them work as well as they are advertised. They’re expensive, look ugly, and don’t keep your hands warm like your original gloves. Plus, these touchscreen gloves will eventually wear out and stop working. With Nanotips, all you need to do is re-apply the liquid. People shouldn’t have to buy separate gloves specifically for touchscreen compatibility. They should buy gloves because they fit well, look great, and perform for the lifestyle they have. Whether it’s snowboarding, skiing, motorcycling, law enforcement, running or simply casual winter weather, Nanotips solution is compatible for all lifestyles. Nanotips gives you the freedom to continue enjoying your favourite gloves while not having to worry about touchscreen functionality. It’s the most cost-friendly, effective solution in the market today.


Depending on the wear and tear your gloves get, each application should last for two weeks to a month. A test by DigitalTrends lasted 700 hours of constant use before finally wearing off. It comes in two versions: Nanotips Blue and Nanotips Black. The blue solution is meant for fabrics and fleeces and the black one for leather, rubber, and other thicker materials. Each bottle retails for $20 and is good for 20 to 30 fingers. Since you only need to apply it to the finger or fingers you use on a touchscreen, it will last a very long time.

Get Nanotipped

Get your gloves nanotipped before you hit the slopes this Winter. Experience the comfort of not having to take your gloves off every time you want to change songs on your iPod. Enjoy the convenience of using your smartwatch without cold, numb fingers. Take pictures, make calls, and text your friends while keeping your hands nice and toasty. Turn your own gloves into high-tech accessories. Check it out at www.nanotips.com.

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