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Sleep Your Way to a Better GPA with EarthPulse™

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Snooze to your best GPA

**This content is sponsored by EarthPulse**

Campus life makes it tough to get adequate sleep. Sleep on Command™ makes it simple. Peak your scholastic and sports performance using technology that makes getting good-quality sleep as easy as setting the timer and turning it on.

The college and grad-school grind is tough especially when you can’t get enough sleep. Good quality sleep is hard to get these days. From seniors citizens to toddlers and infants, the National Sleep Foundation’s polls show people of all ages get an average of 2 hours less sleep per night than they did two decades ago.

According to their poll on toddlers and infants, mothers reported children waking twice the number of times as 2 decades ago. Obviously then, poor sleep isn’t due to the modern grind the rest of us are subject to. We’ve figured out why and come up with an effortless way to combat restless, poor quality sleep. It also improves physical and mental performance more than anything ever reported in the scientific literature.

Here’s how it works:

At night the device emits a very slow electromagnetic pulse in the Alpha, Theta and Delta ranges that literally ‘tune’ (entrain) the brain rhythm down toward deeper sleep. It helps disengage the over-active mind so it not only improves sleep duration, but also shortens time to sleep onset.

As it turns out, Mother Nature has our mitochondria (the cells’ engines) tuned to relatively the same rhythm we need for sleep and relaxation. Sleeping in our patented magnetic field allows your mitochondria to produce 2-3 times more cell energy (ATP – the fuel that fires all cellular processes) so your mind and body can perform better than you’ve ever thought possible. From memory and concentration, to sports performance and a strong immune system, it all comes down to cell energy.

Our athletic clients routinely see 10% gains in peak strength and 20% gains in stamina within 7 -10 days. Up to an incredible 20% and 40% respectively in 4-6 weeks!. On par with steroids for strength without weight gain or any health or regulatory hassles. Wind under load improves better than with EPO or hypoxic training, again without the health and regulatory risks, and with no effort whatsoever.

You’ll be setting personal performance records in 90 days guaranteed or your money back. Can you imagine what your team would do to the competition with the entire squad having 20% more peak strength and 40% more stamina? Destruction and Division titles should come to mind.

Now the reason you don’t sleep:

We are surrounded by insidious radio-frequency telecommunication devices 24/7, that have been shown to have detrimental effect upon sleep patterns as well as our cells’ power generating capacity. EarthPulse™ under any mattress makes microwave telecommunication fields relatively harmless background noise, allowing your brain rhythm to be tuned down and controlled by the device itself for deeper, longer duration sleep.  

Sleep on Command really is sleeping on command. Perfect for short Power-Naps proven to improve performance on their own; but these are power-naps on steroids. Just place the hockey puck sized electromagnet under your pillow in between classes to get your mind reenergized for maximum concentration and memory. It even has a wake up phase so you wake up alert. Or, use under your pillow during the night as the only fool-proof hangover prophylactic ever discovered. A testament to its powerful detoxifying effects.

We’re offering students an unprecedented $100 off coupon this Fall; and remember we sell our device with a 90-day money back guarantee. Sleep well!

Coupon: collegenews

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