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Slavoj Žižek speaks to Occupy Wall Street

Slavoj Žižek shows and receives support from protesters

Since Occupy Wall Street began on September 17, it has taken pride in being a “people-powered” movement. But that also means “leaderless,” observes the Washington Post. As the rally has caught more attention, more respected names have been stopping by Zuccotti Park to either show their support or participate and fill the void left for a leader.

The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek was there on Sunday to address the crowd. He had the attention of the protesters for nearly an hour as he spoke of the “lies that hold up American capitalist society.”

Žižek incited a positive reaction from the crowd. He admired their leaderless project and advised them to “embrace” the Tea Party, as they also consider themselves a leaderless group. He also sent a warning that they should “not fall in love with themselves,” and remember the true purpose of their coming together.

While the leaderless movement has spread, the Washington Post wonders how long a group like this can last. A negative to this system showed itself when civil rights era icon Rep. John Lewis left Occupy Atlanta without speaking over the weekend when no one could make the decision to interrupt those scheduled to speak.

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