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Six-foot lizard on loose raises concerns

Sara Hall

A six-foot lizard is on the loose.

Still, owner says he’s harmless

Watch out: If you’re in Colorado, you may see a six-foot lizard on the loose.

According to authorities, the six-foot lizard on the loose escaped its enclosure in Teller County. Officials are now warning those with small children and outdoor pets to take extra caution, as the animal is known to be less than friendly from time-to-time.

 “It’s a large reptile, at least 25 pounds, and it can be aggressive. We want the people in those areas to know so they could keep on eye on their pets and small children,” Teller County Sheriff Mike Ensinger said about the six-foot lizard on the loose.

Still, the owner of the six-foot lizard on the loose – named Dino – said although the lizard may look terrifying, he is relatively harmless.

Dino has been on the loose since Tuesday, so his owner is saying it’s anyone’s bet as to where he is now.

Those who think they may have a tip as to where the six-foot lizard on the loose may be are advised to contact the Sheriff’s Department immediately. 

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