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Sister Wives Season 3: Family dynamics a bit messy

Danielle Adams

Sister Wives season three premiered on Sunday

Christine feels neglected by Kody

Sister Wives season three premiered Sunday night, picking up about two months after baby Solomon is born.

With the family’s recent move to Las Vegas on the last season of Sister Wives, they are no longer able to live in one house, and this is definitely causing some strain on their relationships. The Brown family’s solution is to buy a property that will allow them to build four new homes on a cul-de-sac. This will take some time, of course, but it will be worth it for the family to live closer together.

Christine feels that her relationship with Kody is fading. On the nights Kody is supposed to stay at her house, he comes over late and leaves early. She feels like he thinks of her as chore, but he’s always excited to spend time with Robyn. Perhaps this season of Sister Wives will focus more on the downside to sharing your man with other women.

Christina may not be too keen on Robyn, but Meri has bonded with the newest wife. Meri cannot have another baby, but last season on Sister Wives, Robyn offered to surrogate for her and Kody, an offer that brought Meri to tears.

The family celebrated Hanukkah, which was a bit unexpected. “Jesus honored the festival of light, this isn’t a universal part of our faith, but something we’ve embraced as a family to enhance our Christian experience,” explained Janelle, the second wife. “We absolutely accept the Old Testament and study it as a religious doctrine.”

They then celebrate Christmas, in a big house they rented for a Christmas vacation. On Christmas Day, Kody gives Meri a necklace, Robyn a guitar, Janelle a tablet and Christine a ring. The wives give Kody a gun, which clearly delights him, and he says he takes gun safety seriously as he points it around.

After presents, Kody asks Christine if her ring got him out of the doghouse. (It didn’t.) Kody simply chuckles and gives her a kiss, resolving nothing.

Other happenings on Sister Wives include the parents getting sad that some of their teens are getting to be of age and will be leaving the coop soon. Logan this year, then Mariah and Aspen, then Madison and Mykelt and Hunter after that.

The episode ends with the family taking a trip to look at their future cul-de-sac.

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