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Sipping Jolted Java from the Vessel of Academia

College is one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life. In 20 years you will look back on your college career and fondly reminisce those days. The college you belong to isn’t just an institute when you attend class to earn a degree—it is a place where you grow and are nurtured. Learning doesn’t just begin and end in the classroom; a college student learns life’s lessons in the campus bar, on the football field, in the dorm room, and by going on dates. College students are becoming adults and will soon be contributing to society. The college they belong to is therefore a part of their culture, and its experiences will help define the people they will become when they leave its halls.

A memento
We all see university sweaters, bumper stickers and other objects. But why not offer yourself something more personal? If you are on the hockey team or in the Literature Club consider making a custom item for you and your cohorts that shows pride in your school and that further unites you together in symbolic splendor. Online shops like minespress.com offers custom coffee mugs that anyone with a creative vision can transform into something special. Consider putting your university’s crest on the mug along with the name of your organization and the member’s name. These custom Mugs would be great gifts for any occastion and anyone not only thrill members, but it is something that can be cherished for life.

Student beverages

Unless they attend Brigham Young, we all know that students typically consume two main things: coffee and alcohol (responsibly, I hope). While coffee is enjoyed for its rich flavor and energy boosting properties, alcohol is consumed during parties and for times to celebrate. Of course coffee is perfectly accepted to sip from a mug, but is alcohol? Sure. Why not? You are in college. Why not make the most of your mug and give it a multi-functional purpose? But what kind of alcoholic beverage can be enjoyed in a mug? Combining alcohol and coffee of course!

Java with a jolt
All college students should drink responsibly and respect their university and each other. However, having an occasional drink is perfectly acceptable. You may be a fan of the simple cup of coffee with a splash of Kahlua, but you can really amp it up and get fancy with your cup of Joe. If you are looking for a hot drink with a kick to sip while watching a hockey game, consider the Cafe Canadian drink. This sweet, bold hot beverage contains double strength coffee, a dash of maple syrup and a tad of rye whiskey.

Perhaps you are a member of a literature club and your group is currently examining the works of Franz Kafka. Why not honor the hot beverage culture of Europe and serve each person a Café Brulot? These hot drinks contain strong coffee flavored with Cognac, orange and lemon peel, cinnamon and cloves. Drinks such as this one can be found for sale on the streets of Europe during the winter months. Imagine the delight on your club member’s faces by presenting each with their own custom mug filled with this delightful beverage.

Represent responsibly

Take pride in your university by representing it on your customized mug. When sipping the nectar of alcoholic coffee beverages, drink responsibly and explore the ways in which you can unite such beverages into your campus activities.

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