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Shed some light on your dorm with Luce from PB Teen

Any college student who has spent even a semester living in a campus dorm room can attest to the fact that there isn’t much luxury to most of them, and drab is certainly a term that comes to mind when thinking of them. But with any space, there is always something that can be done to liven it up and make what seems like a prison cell a home.
And with PB Teen’s newest line, you won’t need much else. Their Luce Chandelier, reasonably priced at $150, is an elegant option to help set the right ambiance. Standing at 13.5 inches, not counting the chain, and being crafted with a bronze-finished metal frame and clear acrylic beads and flowers, it’s the right lamp to let visitors know you have taste and style. It’s versatile both in a living room, bedroom or even a bathroom. And if you want to be extra creative, you can do what we did and added in an Edison bulb for a feel of a more vintage touch. The warm glow off the beads is truly something to marvel at.
Coupled with the Luce Chandiler, we recommend adding in the Dottie Bundle with Suite Sheeting, $269.00 to $399 depending on the size you need, to help bring the entire room together and offer a consistent vibe. Plus, it’s 100 percent cotton and is machine washable, so you want have to be going to spend the rest of your money taking it to a dry cleaners.

While these are just two of the items that peaked our interest the most from PB Teen, we urge you to head over to their site now and look at the rest of their various collections. They also offer a wide array of men’s home accessories too.

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