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Prince Harry displays family jewels in Vegas

Kristina Vragovic

Prince Harry plays strip pool in Vegas; naked pics surface online

Naked photos of Prince Harry circulate online, with little reaction from Britain


Prince Harry hasn’t exactly steered clear of negative press in the past. But this weekend was exceptionally eventful for the young royal.

In addition to the reports that Prince Harry challenged Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte to a swimming contest at the Wynn Hotel XS Nightclub (thank The Daily News for that video), pictures are now surfacing of Prince Harry playing strip billiards with at least one other woman. Everybody appeared to be losing.

TMZ, the source of the photos, reports that the pictures were taken at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino on Friday, after Prince Harry and friends invited several women to their VIP suite. One photo depicts the prince bent over a woman near a pool table, and in another, he covers, er, himself while a woman hugs him from behind.

According to the L.A. Times, Buckingham Palace isn’t disputing that the photos are really of Prince Harry. The only hiccup might be that the prince was on holiday from his military duties, and certain “social misbehavior” might violate military rules. Writes the Telegraph, “Military codes of conduct warn officers that they must maintain high standards of professionalism ‘both on and off operations.’”

Otherwise, the Associated Press reports public responses in Britain ranging from “I’d be proud of him if he were my son” to “He’s a lad, for God’s sake.”

Jenny McCartney, a columnist for the Telegraph, pointed out that Prince Harry’s cavorting might not be tolerated for long. After all, the prince will eventually have to grow up.

“To everything there is a season, and the season for widespread indulgence of Harry’s youthful antics might be gradually drawing to a close,” Jenny McCartney wrote. “I hope he is smart enough to recognise it, and — in the meantime — to ensure that fellow players in any spontaneous game of ‘strip billiards’ leave their mobile phones at the hotel room door.”

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