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Shabazz Muhammad college future in the air

Where will the All-American Attend?

Shabazz Muhammad is the hottest pick for college and university basketball teams at the moment. The McDonald’s All-American high school ball player will be invaluable to whichever team he chooses to play for. But that question is still up in the air for the young athlete.

Unlike many college-bound, hopeful seniors, Shabazz Muhammad has his pick of the nation’s top tier institutions. Muhammad is currently deciding between Duke, UCLA and Kentucky. He’s supposed to announce his pick Tuesday on ESPN, which is the day before schools start signing their high school recruits.

However, recruiting experts are predicting that Shabazz Muhammad would immediately place UCLA as a Pac-12 Conference title contender and help boost their Bruins fan base, which has seen a rather depressing slump lately.

Scouts.com’s West Coast Recruiting Analyst, Greg Hicks said, “He’s a guy who could change the program.”

Though, when the 6” 6’ Muhammad was asked about Kentucky’s recent win this past Monday he stated:

“That has an impact. Just seeing how they run in transition, how those guys get out so fast and how Coach Cal has the guards really getting out and running the floor. It just boosted their option for me by going there.”

If he chooses to play for UCLA, he would without a doubt stand out as their star play, but his joining either Duke or Kentucky would place him amongst players who, collectively, would be a force to reckon with in the NCAA. One has to wonder if UCLA missing the NCAA tournament this past season will factor into the young athlete’s decision.

All questions about Shabazz Muhammad and his future will be put to rest April 10.

Check out Shabazz Muhammad’s high school highlights below.

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