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Howdy from Fort Worth, Texas! All of us at Female Defense Products hope everyone’s school year is off to a great start, filled with exciting classes and fun events and no need for our products at all. We at FDP specialize in providing useful self-defense tools and deterrents along with a variety of home security items. Unfortunately, with roughly one in five female students in the country being sexually assaulted at some point while in school—and one in 20 men—we know students need help. We’re working to lower those stats: that’s why we exist.

In 2015 Madison Ryffel, a Texas Christian University senior at the time, set out to change the narrative. Tired of hearing example after example of women being assaulted, even raped, and rarely having a good way to protect themselves, she looked into ways to change that. Several studies conclude that teaching and empowering women with self-defense tactics is the most effective way to reduce sexual crimes against women. However, knowing that training every student in basic martial arts isn’t realistic, Madison worked towards the next best thing: providing easy access to effective self-defense tools and the knowledge of their importance. Thus, Female Defense Products was born.

While female defense is literally in our name, the fact is that anyone, male or female, big or small, can be assaulted, or drugged, or raped; effective defenses are needed by everyone. As such, FDP stocks a carefully curated selection of non-lethal self-defense tools appropriate for anyone while ensuring that they are especially well suited for ladies.

We also carry a variety of useful items, including alarms, drink test kits, and even related apparel. Our goal is to sell anything and everything practical to empower women—and men—to protect themselves and increase student safety. So if you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it, contact us and we’ll see what we can do!

There are two main ways to defend yourself: by preventing an attack, or by stopping one. Simple things, like telling your friends if you’re worried about a particular person bothering you so that they can keep an eye out, can be a significant help to preventing a situation from ever developing. So can having a flashlight and alarm on your keychain for when walking back to your car at night, in case someone is there waiting. Business card-sized drink test kits can quickly and discreetly test for common date rape drugs, and a door stop alarm can let you sleep with peace of mind even if your housemates are holding a party in the living room. Above all, prevention is preferred.

Other times, if an attacker isn’t deterred by an alarm and your friends aren’t around, you may need to be able to stop someone from hurting you. From a discreet, lower-strength “lipstick” pepper spray ideal for an acquaintance who doesn’t understand what “NO” means, to a 10’ range police strength pepper gel that can’t be wiped off easily to stop a violent attacker, burning eyes usually gives you plenty of time to escape to safety. Though, if you feel like those folks deserve a jolt from an insanely high voltage stun gun instead—high-five!—we’ve still got you covered.

With all the options out there, we know it can be confusing to figure out what you may need. To help, we’ve put together some awesome combinations of items into a few themed Defense Kits to get you equipped. Check them out on our site,, sometime.

With the fall weather finally here, we wish you all the best of luck with your classes and an enjoyable school year. While we hope you never need to use any of our products, we know that won’t be the case for far too many students. So please: Don’t Be Alarmed. Be On Guard.

The Team at Female Defense Products LLC
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