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Selena Gomez has an identity crisis

The singer lacks her own vibe in her latest album

Selena Gomez is in a unique position. She’s recently 21, a former Disney star, and a teen pop sensation with the opportunity to do something truly great with her music. Only problem is that she’s not quite there yet.

Gomez’s latest album, “Stars Dance,” is another step away from the pop princess that she’s been so far. It mixes the bubble-gum pop with dubstep and Rihanna-esque beats. And it shows that Selena Gomez is struggling to find her identity as an artist.

Gomez got her start on Disney Channel’s hit show, “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Disney is not a place that you want to get stuck as an actor or singer. Miley Cyrus got trapped in that bubble, and now she can’t seem to get out. Selena Gomez needs to learn from Miley’s troubles.

Her album is a good one for summer. It’s full of pop beats that will have you dying to get up and dance. But it’s nothing that will be remembered.

The half Disney-half R&B sound Selena Gomez has going on “Stars Dance” can only lead to a very average album. Her current single “Come & Get It” shows that the singer has potential. The Bollywood influences in the song are intriguing. All Gomez needs to do is push the envelope more.

If Selena Gomez can create an image for herself, she’ll have a decent career in the music industry. She probably won’t be the next Madonna, though. Without her own identity, she’ll be gone as soon as her fans grow up out of their teen-pop phase.

As for those rumors that Selena Gomez is dating Justin Bieber, all the little Bliebers can relax. Gomez confirmed that they are not dating and she is perfectly okay with being single.

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