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Sean Lowe is ABC's newest 'Bachelor'

Jason Oliva

Rose, the token of a "Bachelor's" love

Sorry Lochte, but it appears Lowe has won this race

Sean Lowe has been chosen by ABC for the upcoming season of “The Bachelor.” Lowe, a top three finalist in “The Bachelorette” season 8, will once again have a chance at finding his special somebody, only this time he is in charge.

ABC’s decision for Lowe casts away speculation that Olympic heartthrob Ryan Lochte would be the one courting 25 eligible women when the show returns this January. Lochte, the multi-medalist this year at the 2012 London Olympics, might have proved too expensive for the network’s budget to bear.

Instead, ABC went with someone familiar in their selection of Sean Lowe, who was eliminated in the final three by bachelorette Emily Maynard earlier this summer. Lowe was eliminated by Maynard just before “The Bachelorette” season finale, but not before confessing his love.

Now the 28-year old Dallas businessman is guaranteed a sure thing when “The Bachelor” returns for its 17th edition in January 2013. ABC says Lowe is ready to look for love again and is confident that this time around he will find the one for him.

During a conference call in July with network executives, Lowe expressed his weariness of appearing on the romantic courting show, calling it “emotionally taxing,” yet remained optimistic of his chances.

“Ultimately if I were to find my wife, it would certainly be worth it.”

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