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Samsung 27" Class LED Monitor/HDTV Review

Josh Smith

Work and play, all on one device

We’re living in a digital world where a vast majority of our entertainment is delivered without the need of having anything of substance in your hand. Music, movies, and television are sent directly to your PC, console, television, or mobile device. Samsung recognizes this and their Series 7 LED Monitor, the 27” T27B750, takes your digital content to the next level. Social media, entertainment, fitness, and of course, your PC usage is turned up to 11 as soon as it’s plugged in. The question is, with a price tag hovering around $549.99 is it worth the cost?

A 27” monitor needs to have some fantastic resolution, otherwise you’re simply staring at pixelated images on a big screen. Samsung doesn’t disappoint, showing off sparkling 1920×1080 resolution images with bright, vibrant colors. Oh, and it’s also delivered in HD, so while your friends are staring at a monstrous monitor, they can continue to revel when you bring up streaming video so clear that it allows you to pinpoint your favorite actor’s acne. And it’s use isn’t tethered to PC only. With a DTV tuner included and the option to go Picture-in-picture, you can watch television while you slave away on that presentation due in the morning.

In an attempt to meet the needs of your wireless world, Samsung has also installed built-in WiFi, ensuring that even if you don’t use this for your PC, your needs are still met. The purpose of the Wi-Fi is to essentially allow the monitor to act as a netbook of sorts. Your mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets, can stream directly to the monitor, too. Got some pictures or a video to share from your Galaxy Note? Don’t bother huddling four or five friends around a tiny screen. Instead stream it seamlessly to this monitor and let everyone see comfortably.

The features coupled with the included remote gives users the ability to do things that leave your typical monitor looking impotent. Your old monitor doesn’t give you instant access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or any of the other entertainment apps available online. The 27” Series 7 delivers all of this content without even needing a cable run from your PC. The WiFi allows you to download the apps and run them individually, meaning you can move the monitor from room-to-room if you wish. Additionally, you can even stream from a laptop to the monitor itself without the need of clumsy cables. Truly, the reign of the wire is over!

The application section itself is something worth noting. With so many options available today, knowing that they’re accessible from the Samsung marketplace, affectionately labeled ‘Smart Hub’ gives users freedom of choice. Dozens of categories are offered, each with free and pay options to allow even those on a budget an opportunity to enjoy the hardware to its fullest. Sports are highlighted with apps like ESPN Scoreboard, MLB.TV, and Samsung branded ESPN Next Level. Those trying to stay fit (and today, who isn’t?) can download workout videos to help sweat out the double cheeseburger from the night before and can even set workout goals while you monitor your personal BMI. Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other social apps are available, both to view or to update your friends with. Even games are available, though are far simpler than those you’d find on a high-end PC or console. With close to 1GB of available storage, you’ll be hard-pressed to fill it up, though with the amount of options it is entirely possible.

With its impressive remote, easy access to inputs like HDMI, USB, component, composite and others, and the Samsung Smart Hub, this monitor is clearly head and shoulders above most competitors. People use a monitor as simply a device the look at what they’re doing on PC, but Samsung has delivered a piece of hardware that goes beyond the normal threshold of monitor usage. With an easy-to-use menu system, simple installation, and countless usage options, anybody purchasing this 27” LED Series 7 Monitor is going to find every penny was spent wisely.

You can visit Samsung to view additional hardware specs and purchase options.

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