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Samsonite luggage causes cancer?

Elif Geris

Samsonite International Consumer Council worries about carcinogens in side handles

Samsonite International Consumer Council worries about carcinogens in Tokyo Chic side handles

Samsonite International recalled products from Hong Kong stores when consumers complained of the possible presence of carcinogens in Samsonite luggage handles.

The product in question by the Samsonite International Consumer Council is Samsonite’s Tokyo Chic line, which might be containing more polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) than the recommended amount.

Hong Kong’s Tokyo Chic luggage handles will be replaced with the “next-generation handle” to alleviate consumer fears. But Samsonite reported in a statement for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that, “The company’s independent test results found PAH levels that were significantly lower than those reported by the Consumer Council,” and that consumers should be able to continue using the Samsonite Tokyo Chic product without a serious problem.

Samsonite said, “Nevertheless, to allay any concerns that consumers may have in light of the allegations contained in the articles, the company has already withdrawn its two Tokyo Chic luggage from all of its points of sale in Hong Kong, and will arrange to replace the side-carrying handles of its Tokyo Chic luggage with the next generation handle for concerned customers in the Hong Kong market.”

Samsonite International will not be making any further changes involving the PAH scare.

The statement released by the Samsonite International Consumer Council is not going to cause any significant changes for the company, according to International Business World.

While Samsonite argued that there is no legal maximum PAH level, the company said it “continually monitors applicable legal requirements and strives to ensure that its products meet not only legal standards but also the highest standards of product quality and safety,” in its statement.

After Samsonite  replaced its Tokyo Chic handles in Hong Kong, its shares increased 7.95 percent to $13.04 per share.


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