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Sagging pants lead to college athlete's arrest

Editorial Staff

Football player charged with trespassing and resisting arrest

A college football player was arrested Wednesday while boarding a plane at San Francisco International Airport due to his very low-rise pants, Reuters reports.

The New York Daily News said DeShon Marman, 20, of the University of Mexico was returning to school after a friend’s funeral when the incident occurred. “The attention was brought to him because his pants were so low that his genitals were almost showing,” said San Mateo county chief deputy district attorney, Karen Guidotti.

After engaging in an altercation with a U.S. Airways crew when asked to pull up his pants, Marman, also known as “Shine” among his teammates, was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. However, Marman claimed that he followed orders but had already been asked to leave the plane, AP reports.

“U.S. Airways does not have a specific dress code, but we do ask that our passengers dress in an appropriate manner to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our passengers,” said U.S. Airways spokesman Andrew Christie. 

Authorities said Marman was released from jail Thursday after posting $10,000 bail, but an arraignment has been set for July 18.

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