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Rundown Guide for May 4, 2011

Beastie Boys and KRS-One both release long-awaited albums this week

It’s May and I know you’re just aching to get this month over with so you can begin your summer vacation. With that in mind, I hope you take the following selections to heart when you’re brain is basking in thoughts of sandy beaches, nights out and drunken stupors.

Beastie Boys – “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2” [Capitol Records]

“Hot Sauce Committee Part 2” is the sequel to the non-existent “Hot Sauce Committee Part 1”. Actually, part 2 is part 1 that had a release date of September 15, 2009. It was delayed due to MCA’s bout with cancer. Now he’s better, a vegan, and ready to put out the hip-hop legend’s album. It features a slightly altered track-list, but the single “Too Many Rappers” with Nas is still on here. Other than that, it’s the brand of off-the-wall, innovative brand of hip-hop you’d expect from a group of Jewish cats that have been doing this for almost thirty years.

Musiq Soulchild – “Musiqinthemagiq” [Altantic/Wea]

In a market bursting through the seams with so-called singers singing songs about booty through their Auto-Tune voices, Musiq Soulchild managed to stay true to his roots and not succumb to such trends. What we have here is “Musiqinthemagiq”: a funky, soulful collection of tracks that will keep heads swaying to its infectious beats. Of course, we have to talk about the single “Anything” with Swizz Beatz, that has a steady, almost retro. vibe that will perfect for the steppers out there. “Sayido” also has a steppers-ready beat and keys that can complement a lovely evening out on the town with your significant other.

Crass – “Christ: The Album” [Crass]

Crass has been a group that draws a line between punks. They’re either the most innovative group in the world or they’re a bunch of posers who are imposing their anarachist views. Whatever the case, both sides can agree that there’s never been like them. With their dark, noisy guitars and audio samples, they paved the way for the artistic brand of anarchist punk. This re-release includes all the original tracks digitally remastered, liner notes from “frontman” Steve Ignorant (they’re anarchist, remember — it’s leaderless) and new artwork by him as well.

Showbiz and KRS-One “Godsville” [DITC]

Two of the biggest heavyweights in hip-hop are together to produce the juggernaut of albums. “Godsville” is just…wow. That’s it. That’s the only word that would accurately describe this. This is KRD-One’s third collaboration with a famous New York producer, following “Meta-Historical” with True Master and “Hip-Hop Lives” with Marley Marl. Hip-hop heads will like every track on this potential masterpiece, so singling one out will be futile.

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