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Rundown Guide for June 29, 2011

Fredric Hall


New Orleans rapper Curren$y drops his album this week, along with hip-hop producer extraordinaire Pete Rock

Okay, when you read this article, you may notice something missing. And before you post comments about how lame I am for not putting this band here and how I’m not up on my music, yes, I know Limp Bitzkit has a new album out. I know it’s called “Gold Cobra”. The thing is, I’ve got love hate-hate relationship with this band. I can’t stand them. I can’t stand their frat-brat mentality. I can’t stand their insipid lyrics. I can’t stand that Fred Durst is a millionaire and still talks about the “hood.” Even as I’m typing this, a stream of vomit is slowly rising up in my throat. They’re the type of cats that would talk shit and beat up my friends.

So, yeah, I know Limp Bizkit’s “Gold Cobra” is out. Go buy it or whatever. Hell, download it, since Fred Durst doesn’t mind. Ya know, because he’s such a rebel!

Curren$y – ”Weekend at Burnies” [Warner Bros]

New Orleans rapper Curren$y is channeling his inner Snoop Dogg for this album. With some bass heavy production that’s reminiscent of Dr. Dre’s “G-Funk” era in the 1990s, Curren$y rhymes are delivered with a slow drawl that will make every one of your muscles relax. With tracks like “She Don’t Want A Man,” about a promiscuous female, dude’s flow isn’t so much a flow as it is a Buddhist Om that change pitches. Though there aren’t any tracks that will pump your fist, it will definitely get your head nodding.

Teena Marie – ”Lady T” [Motown Records]

This is something for all you Motown aficionados and hipsters. When Teena Marie passed away in December 2010, the world lost another Motown legend. Now, newcomers and fans alike can feast their ears on this reprinting of her 1980 classic. Would you believe this album, which contain the funk-disco classic “Behind the Groove” was out of print? Well, it was, but now it’s back. Along with the original tracklist, there are three versions of “Groove,” which will surely accommodate any party where dancing is required.

Jenny and the Deelinquents – ”Keeping Time” [O-Dee]

While we’re rediscovering old classics, let’s take a look at a group that are taking old sounds and making it their own. Jenny Dee of the Downbeat 5 and the Dents have been really busy writing new songs that fit the mold of girl groups from the ‘60s. As with most youngbucks that immerse themselves in the sounds of Motown, Stax and Blue Note, Jenny explored its sounds and came up with Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents. With a sound that reminds me of the Supremes in their heyday, it’s apparent Jenny really did her homework, especially with the title track and “Big Ol’ Heart” with its exciting keyboard and driving basslines. 

Pete Rock and Smif-n-Wessun – ”Momumental” [Duck Down Records]

Now here’s a collaboration you thought you’ll never see, huh? The innovative production genius that is Pete Rock, known for his work with C. L. Smooth, has teamed up with other hip-hop veterans Smif-n-Wessun to create this ”Momumental” album. See, even they know they made auditory greatness. Remember when I said Curren$y’s joint was good to chill to? Well, you can’t do that here. This is headbanger music, as evident with tracks like “I’m Hard” and “Prevail” featuring Raekwon. It will be in your best interest to not sleep on this album.

Wu-Tang Clan – “Legendary Weapons” [Entertainment One]

Since we’re on the subject of hip-hop vets, Wu-Tang is back. Following up their 2009 “Chamber Music”, the group is hitting you hard with production by Noah Rubin. Sorry, RZA is not on board for this album. However, Noah Rubin can make beats, providing driving basslines and samples that was obviously influenced by RZA. Tracks like “Only the Rugged Survive” and “225 Rounds” showcase Rubin’s talent, while cats like Cappadonna, U-God and Bronze Nazareth put down the rhymes.

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