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Royal Caribbean cruise ship catches fire

Nikki Shewmaker

Royal Caribbean cruise ship, the Grandeur of the Seas, indefinitely at anchor

Passengers return home as investigation is launched

Royal Caribbean joins the ranks of cruise lines meeting unfortunate fates this year. The Royal Caribbean ship caught fire early Monday morning, damaging The Grandeur of the Seas badly enough that the cruise was cancelled and all passengers will be flown home from the Bahamas.

It took two hours for the blaze to be extinguished and no one aboard the Royal Caribbean ship was injured. There is no known cause, but the U.S. Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating. The Royal Caribbean crew immediately sprung into action, giving instructions and directing passengers to safety.

Royal Caribbean spokesperson, Cynthia Martinez, released a statement, “Royal Caribbean is deeply sorry for this unexpected development in our guests’ vacation. We understand that this may have been a very stressful time for them. We appreciate their patience and cooperation in dealing with this unfortunate situation.” Martinez also noted that all 2,224 passengers were returning home via chartered flights as well as receiving full refunds and certificates towards a future cruise.

The Grandeur of the Seas is just one of many cruise ships that have had serious incidents this year, including another fire, loss of plumbing, technical issues and missing passengers. Royal Caribbean says the ship will be out of commission indefinitely for repairs.

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