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Robin Roberts makes her return on Good Morning America

Robin Roberts, co-anchor of GMA, returns fully rested after temporary leave

Robin Roberts, co-anchor of Good Morning America, resumed her post after taking a temporary leave nearly three weeks ago.

During Robert’s time off, she stayed busy by making a trip to Mississippi to visit family and friends, helped to raise money for cancer research in California and celebrated a friend’s 50th birthday in Italy.

While in Italy, she visited the altar of the Vatican where she said a prayer for all those who have previously lifted her up in prayer.

In June, Roberts had been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). This is a rare blood and bone marrow disorder, which left the co-anchor exhausted and prompted her to take this leave of absence.

During the GMA co-anchor’s leave, she continued to receive medical care for the disorder and even had her PICC line—a catheter used in chemotherapy—removed. Roberts plans on undergoing a bone marrow transplant from her sister in early September.

Roberts, 51, battled breast cancer five years ago. She continues to stay positive saying, “My needle was past ‘E’ when I left here a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve got a full tank, so watch out. I haven’t taken this much time off in quite some time.”

Roberts returned to Good Morning America yesterday feeling well rested.

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