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Ride in style with Venice Fixies

Rob Gilmore

The sexy Pin-UP

In a city of nearly three million, Chicago suffers from the kind of auto grid lock more familiar to places like New York and LA.  The streets are congested, commutes can be an utterly painful experience and who wants to wait eons for the CTA to show up?

The 21st century commuter would rather take two wheels than four.  He trades sleek weaves between idling motorists for the bumper-to-bumper brouha of morning traffic, Chicago gas prices higher than the moon for a good workout and 40 minute commutes for half the time. 

But while conventional motorists enjoyed the freedom and pride of good car design, bicyclists were mostly left out.  Most riders dealt with the Model Ts of bicycle engineering, cold-cut machines engineered for functional purpose, not the admirable aesthetic beauty exclusive to the car industry.  Beyond a choice of paint color, you might as well forget about translating the high class beauty of a Rolls-Royce to the barebones of your average two-wheel frame. 

Venice Fixies promises to change all that, with their line of Venice-inspired fixed gear bikes.  Headquartered just blocks from Venice Beach in California, the center of the world when it comes to fashion, fitness and the latest trends, Venice bikes are destined to be trend setters just like the home where they are conceived. 

Just think of Venice’s Breakwater, a bike that simulates icy white seafoam and the blinding feat of facing a wave.  Breakwater is the surfer’s bike.  With a white-bodied frame, which is “perfectly amendable to the addition of a surfboard rack,” this Venice Fixie is built to withstand bold adventures, whether on the lose sand of Venice Beach or on a Chicago commute through the concrete jungle of the Windy City.

But what about the ladies?  Paying tribute to its feminine side, Venice Fixies is bringing pin-up fashion and flirtation to the streets and sidewalks with the Pin-Up.  Firing up weary warriors during all the pain of the World War II years and defying social standards in the process, models of the 40s donned polka dots, leopard prints, garter belts, high heels and sailor caps and brought the world sex, style and freedom. 

Laced in pink, this fixie mimics the style and class of those 40s chicks.  It’s made of entirely name brand parts and is only $299.

Venice Fixie believes in alternative transportation because when you take your bike for a ride, whether for the day’s commute or a stroll along the beach, you’re doing yourself, the earth and your city the greatest favors, getting a good days exercise and fighting global warming.

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