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REVIEW: YouTube Sensation Vers Drops New Track "Internet Famous" feat. YNIQ

Adrianna Velazquez

Miami based hip hop/pop artist Vers first started making waves after posting a video to YouTube of him imitating mainstream rappers Drake, Lil Wayne, Ludacris and Eminem that went viral, garnering over 3 million views. What started off as just a fun video highlighted the now 21-year-old’s undeniable talent that has transpired into something bigger than he ever imagined.

Since then, Vers has released music independently that has placed him somewhere between hip hop and pop while trying to find the perfect formula for encompassing his word prowess and impressive vocal range all in one. The recent release of his latest single “Internet Famous” featuring YNIQ which dropped on Christmas Day is a preview of a formula that works.

“Internet Famous” kicks off with a radio friendly beat that leaves you head-bobbing from the start before Vers enters with his matured, melodic vocals as he sings, “Most of these girls is faking, trying to be internet famous. Throw some pictures on their Instagram then complaining afterwards why they ain’t got a man.”

YNIQ enters with a verse towards the end of the track, a flow that leaves a staple on the track followed up with Vers’ melodic vocals that make for a smooth exit.

Not only is a “Internet Famous” a redefining moment for Vers in terms of his matured sound and image overall, but the production of the track is proof that he has a concrete team behind him dedicated to producing hits that won’t settle for anything short of success.

“Internet Famous” is the first song to be released from his highly anticipated EP expect to release in early 2015.

Listen to the track here.

Stay connected by following Vers on Twitter @whoisvers.

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