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Review: Pogo Stylus is an inexpensive stylus with various features

Editorial Staff


No one wants to get a brand new tablet and two weeks later find that it is covered fingerprints already. That is why a stylus comes in handy. The pogo stylus is a standard stylus that can be used on virtually any tech device that utilizes a touch screen. 

Weighing little to nothing, the Pogo stylus can slip right into your pocket or purse and can be taken on the go. It comes in a sleek silver color with a black tip, which gives it a flawless futuristic look. The tip at the end of the stylus is made of a foam, that does seem like a lower quality than most other stylus’s but considering the Pogo is less expensive than most, it really comes as no surprise.

Although the Pogo stylus is virtually weightless, when pressing it against the screen to type or click on anything, there is a slight delay of touch recognition.

This stylus is not ideal for playing games, drawing apps or anything that requires really swift motions, but for basic typing and scrolling, the Pogo really does a standard job for an inexpensive stylus.

Check out the Pogo on the TenOne Design website HERE

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