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Renny Home Ringer- The smart phone motherboard of your dreams

Editorial Staff

When you mention a “home phone” or a “landline” phone anyone under the age of 20 is most likely not going to have any idea what you are talking about. Home phones are a thing of the past, with most households just operating with many individual cell phones. In a sense, the Renny Home Ringer replaces a land line, allowing you to pair up to two smart phones to the device.

Perfect for couples or roommates, this little nifty device pairs up with your phones and gives a nice alarming ring even if your phone is on silent. This allows you to never miss another call. Since, I am in my early 20’s laziness does come into play a lot. Sometimes my phone will be across the room and I will hear it ring, but I will just let it go to voicemail because I don’t want to get up and answer it. This brings up my favorite feature on the Renny Home Ringer! When it starts ringing all you have to do is say “Answer” to answer it, or “Ignore” to ignore it. It also has a voice caller ID that you can turn on or off.

Another great feature of the Renny Home Ringer is that if you lose your phone in the house, then the Renny Home Ringer can turn your phone’s alarm on so you can find it! When looking through all of the great features of the Renny Home Ringer, you can tell that a lot of thought went into it and they truly improved on the first model, called the Renny Ringer.

The Renny Home Ringer also acts a surprisingly great sounding bluetooth speaker once it is paired together with your phone! So, not only is it perfect for business, but it also is great for gatherings when you want to play some tunes from your phone.

I tried to find something negative about this product and I couldn’t! Perfect for couples, roommates and business meetings, the Renny Home Ringer truly pulls out all the stops for this device. Just in time for the holidays, get your Renny Home Ringer at the website. 

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