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Reinventing a Classic: The Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Julia Johnston

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch debuted in Berlin

When your pocket is too far and the death of the analog watch

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is the latest in wearable technological devices. It debuted in Berlin on Wednesday at the IFA electronics show. Samsung is one of a couple other companies who are redefining the watch market subsequently bringing watches into the 21st century.  A watch is no longer simply a time-telling fashion accessory. Don’t people just look at their phones to check the time now anyway? The Galaxy Gear smartwatch acts as a medium to your Samsung Galaxy phone or phablet. Reportedly selling for a cool $299 and available in October, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch features a 1.9 megapixel camera, a microphone for verbal notation, access to apps, email, texts and much more.

With the new Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch you don’t have to reach into your pocket! Gone are the days of searching through you purse or pockets to check your social media networks. Samsung has eliminated this grueling task. If this smartwatch trend catches on, while commuting or waiting in line you won’t see people glued to their phones tweeting, texting, and checking emails. That may be a slight exaggeration, however, with a simple glance down at one’s wrist all that information could be answered within a few seconds. What will people do with all their extra time?

I can picture the infomercial now “Are you sick and tired of having to dig in your pocket or purse searching for your smartphone? Do your skinny jeans prevent you from fast access to your followers on Twitter? Now, thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, look no further than your wrist!” Fortunately for us, Samsung, being one of the leaders in the smartphone industry, is above making cheesy infomercials.

Regardless, the question still stands, is a smartwatch really a necessity? Or is it just the next trendy technological accessory that will be a mere memory a couple years down the line? Google invented Google glasses and Samsung answered with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Sony and Qualcomm also have products in the great smartwatch race. Many people are speculating that Apple will join the game and the ball is in their court. Are the rumors true, will the iWatch be Apple’s response?

The debut of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch poses many questions that only time will hold the answers to. Possibly the most important question of all, will the ability to tell time on an analog watch be a lost art?

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