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Real-life Walter White

An Alabama man tops Sheriff’s most wanted list for meth cooking

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan couldn’t have made a more likeable character in TV dad Walter White, played by Emmy Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston. The Breaking Bad protagonist has spent four and a half seasons cooking up methamphetamine to support his family in the wake of realizing he has a terminal illness, putting America in a vice grip of anticipation for the mid-fifth-season hiatus to be over and the show’s long-awaited conclusion.

Choosing a name for a lead character in a television series can be a headache, but Gilligan has chosen one that rolls off the tongue in Walter White. Surely, a name as common as this must belong to someone in the world, and it does strangely enough belong to an Alabama man wanted by local authorities for cooking meth.

The real-life Walter White tops the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office most wanted list for violating his 2008 probation of making methamphetamine. The 55-year-old Alabama Walter White, who was arrested on similar charges earlier this year in January, is listed as a top priority on the County Sheriff’s Office website.

“Anyone involved in illegal narcotics, we want to get those people off the street,” said Tuscaloosa County Sgt. Andy Norris. “Mainly the reason we put him on the most wanted list is for his probation violation, and we want to get him back in jail.”

According to authorities, White’s last known address was in McCalla, Alabama. As of right now, investigators do not have any leads on White’s whereabouts.

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