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Ray Romano hints at divorce in recent interviews

Sara Hall

Ray Romano has recently hinted at divorce.

Romano said his wife is getting annoyed with him

Ray Romano has been relatively out of Hollywood’s spotlight since his hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond went off the air in 2005, but he is back on the press circuit to promote his upcoming movie, Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Perhaps his time off from the media has made him become more open and less reserved because he’s confessing more than usual tight-lipped celebrities normally do.

In a recent interview with David Letterman, Ray Romano revealed he and his wife recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, but that things are getting rockier by the day. He even went as far to hint that if things continue at this rate, his marriage may not last much longer.

“She’s reading a book, I’m e-mailing a friend. She puts the book down, looks at me and goes, ‘I can’t stand the way you type.’ If we’re at the point where my typing is annoying her, how long is it until, ‘You blink like an (expletive!),’” he told Letterman during the interview.

Only time will tell how the fate of Ray Romano’s marriage will turn out.

Ray Romano’s acting career has not been completely dead since the end of Everybody Loves Raymond. Ray Romano starred in the 2008 TNT show Men of a Certain Age. He will also having an upcoming multi-episode character arc on the ABC show Parenthood.

Ray Romano provides the voice for the character Manny in Ice Age: Continental Drift, which opens nationwide on Friday.

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