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Raiders' bittersweet win

Jalesa Hall

After owner Al Davis dies, Raiders win in Houston

The Oakland Raiders winning on Sunday certainly followed a traumatic Saturday for the team, after they lost their long-time owner Al Davis, according to Yahoo! News.

Oakland’s 25-20 win over the Houston Texans was mostly inspired by Davis’ well known motto for the team, “Just win, baby.”

Davis, who originally started as a general manager and head coach for the Raiders, became the youngest person in the league to hold both titles at the age of 33. After resigning as American Football League Commissioner, due to the merger of the NFL and AFL, Davis returned to the Raiders as a general manager and in 2005 as the owner, after successfully receiving more than 67 percent of the interests in the partnership. Davis would lead the Raiders to three Superbowl championships and make the Raiders a successful NFL franchise.

Praise ran high of the man that made the black and silver franchise, a symbol of toughness.

No word yet on if son, Mark Davis, will assume the position of the Raiders owner. Raiders Chief Executive Amy Trask says, “The team will remain in the Davis family. There is a succession plan in place in that regard.”

No cause of death has been released yet. Davis was 82.

For the rest of the year, the team will wear Al stickers on their helmets. The Raiders are currently 3-2 in their season.

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